Pick6 Lottery Pool Guide

Pick 6 Lottery Pool

Here’s How It Works
  1. Buy a New Jersey Pick6 lottery ticket ($1) with the Xtra ($1) and cash payout options – Total $2
  2. Email a photo of the ticket to: pick6@pcwz.com

You will be entered in the Pool for that particular Pick6 drawing. 

Web Site
All tickets submitted to the Pick6 Lottery Pool will be posted on this web site:  http://pcwz.com/

The person who holds the winning ticket is responsible for:

  1. Cashing in the ticket.
  2. Equally distribute winnings to all players in that pool within 10 days of the winning drawing.

 A list of participants will be emailed in the event of a win.

PayPal Payouts
PayPal offers a service called PayPal.Me which is ideal for small payouts.  PayPal.Me can provide payment processing with no fees.  PayPal.Me accounts are free, easy to use and are included with your FREE and very secure PayPal account.  PayPal.Me frequently asked questions are HERE

 PayPal.me Example Transaction
Say you want to pay me a $1.00

  1. Open your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Mobile Device, etc.)
  2. In the browser address window type: paypal.me/joehaydu/1.00

          NOTE: You can also click on the link above or copy the PayPal.Me link to an email
     3. Click “Next” and log into your PayPal account to complete the transaction

That’s it!

Disqualified Entries
Should an emailed ticket be considered ineligible for the Pool, it will be disqualified and not participate in the Pool for that particular drawing.  Examples of disqualified entries are below and are not limited to this list.

  • Email received after a drawing has occurred
  • Illegible/unreadable photo
  • Xtra option not checked
  • Cash payout option not checked

By participating in the Pick6 Lottery Pool, you:

  1. Are NOT obligated to participate in every drawing. If you do not wish to participate, simply do not email your ticket photo.  You will NOT be eligible for any winnings for that drawing.
  2. In the event a prize is won which requires IRS reporting, you will provide your Social Security number and any other information required by the IRS.
  3. Will provide your full name, email address and phone number and any other information required by governmental regulations or this lottery Pool.
  4. Will abide by any rules created now and in the future.
  5. Are of good character and have not been convicted of a significant crime.
  6. Are subject to censure and expulsion from participating in this Pool with or without cause.

DISCLOSURE: A tax professional HAS NOT been consulted regarding the tax discussion below.

In the event a significant Jackpot is won, a tax professional MAY need to be consulted.  Any consulting or professional fees will be paid out of the winnings before being distributed to the Pool participants.

Winnings under $600
It is believed that any winning ticket under $600 does not have to be reported to the IRS.  Link to IRS Gambling Reporting.